Our Practice

Gary Carr DDS, Jessica Roeber DDS

What Sets Us Apart

Dr. Gary B. Carr is one of the most renowned endodontists of the last 3 decades. He is universally recognized within the specialty as one of the major clinicians responsible for many advancements seen in endodontics today. Dr. Carr will be devoting much of his time in the future to endodontic research at his Pacific Endodontic Research Foundation.

After a long search, Dr. Carr has selected Dr. Jessica Roeber to join him in practice. Dr. Roeber unquestionably embodies the values, philosophy, and skill sets necessary to continue our culture of excellence.  

Our practice is based on our total commitment to the highest level of patient-centered care. It is with great pride that Dr. Carr welcomes Jessica into our practice. Joy, Dr. Carr's assistant of 35 years, and one of the most admired and well-known dental assistants in the country will remain to work with both Dr. Carr and Dr. Roeber.