Meet Our Team

Dary Carr DDS

Meet Dr. Gary Carr

Dr. Carr holds a special, unique place in the history of endodontics. Trained in the Classics at Cornell, he came to dentistry and endodontics later in life. 

He served both as an electronics technician in the Navy (as an enlisted man) and then was picked up for OCS officer training and served as a line officer aboard the USS Coral Sea in Vietnam. 

After his service, he attended dental school at SUNYAB (Buffalo) graduating in 1976 and practiced general dentistry in the Navy for 2 years (aboard the USS Holland)  and then for 2 years as a private practitioner in San Diego, before attending the University of Illinois for his endodontic specialty training, graduating magna cum laude in 1982.

Practicing endodontics in Chula Vista Ca, he was befriended and mentored by Terry Tanaka, one of the finest restorative dentists in the world. Puzzled by the lack of healing in endodontic surgical procedures, he undertook human cadaver research at Terry's Clinical Research Foundation to try to uncover the reasons for such poor healing. Discovering that traditional endodontic surgical technique was beset by a multitude of procedural errors and cognitive misconceptions, he introduced the operating microscope into endodontics as well as ultrasonic root-end preparation techniques as well as over 30 new surgical instruments.

Dr. Carr was also instrumental in the introduction and adoption of CBCT technology into endodontics, a development that has completely changed the way endodontics is performed today. A complete history of Dr. Carr's contributions to endodontics can be seen on the Website of his non-profit research foundation: Pacific Endodontic Research Foundation.

Over the next 15 years, Dr. Carr and his assistant Joy Haskins, have trained over 1000 clinicians at his charitable, non-profit research foundation, PERF. Both with course work, and lecturing internationally over that time frame, the operating microscope, as well as his surgical and non-surgical retreatment advances, have become the standard in endodontics today. The entire specialty of endodontics was changed by these developments. A full CV, outlining these advances, lectures, and writings are at

Starting in 1998 with his office manager Amy Taylor,  Dr. Carr set out to revolutionize endodontic record keeping with the introduction of TDO: The Digital Office, a paperless administrative and clinical digital record in the hope of standardizing endodontic record-keeping and allowing fact-based and evidence-based outcomes research in endodontics. Today, TDO is the most widely used endodontic record-keeping software in the world. It has attracted top endodontic clinicians from over 30 countries and his clinical chat forums, tied to the software, allow truly unique collaborative communication between top clinicians on a daily basis. Over 1000 clinicians worldwide exchange views on over 20 cases per day on TDO-Clinical ---raising the standard of care for countless patients and their doctors. Therefore, mentoring is a foundational principle in Dr. Carr's life and in his software enterprise.

In 2012, Dr. Carr invited 100 of his closest endodontic colleagues to a meeting in San Diego to discuss the formation of a new endodontic association. Disappointed with the commercial influence in our professional association, he asked the attendees to join him in the formation of the IAE (International Association of Endodontics) dedicated to commercial-free endodontic continuing education. Of the 100 attendees, 95 chose to form the association and the IAE was born. Today, it stands alone as the finest, non-commercial endodontic education in the world. International Academy of Endodontists.

Dr. Carr's consuming passion is clinical excellence, always striving for constant improvement, and mentoring others along the same path. Believing that clinical excellence, research, and giving back to one's specialty are the 3 most important things in having a complete career, Dr. Carr tries to live up to those goals every day.

The joy of his life is his wife Jan and son Donnie. They live in Rancho Santa Fe, Ca.

Jessica Roeber DDS

Meet Dr. Jessica Roeber

Dr. Roeber was born in Paonia, Colorado, and raised on a small cattle ranch with her 3 siblings.  She attended Western State College for 2 years on a basketball scholarship then transferred to the University of Northern Colorado on an academic scholarship, where she finished her degree in cellular biology.  She then moved to Denver and attended the University of Colorado for Dental School and was awarded a full-ride Health Professionals Scholarship through the United States Army.

Upon graduating from dental school, she was selected for a 1-year AEGD residency at Joint Base Lewis McChord and served as the chief resident.  Following her residency, she served 2-years as a brigade dentist for the 82nd Airborne in North Carolina, where her duties included jumping out of airplanes and setting up remote dental facilities.  She then continued her military career by moving overseas for 2 years, where she served as a general dentist in Stuttgart Germany, and enjoyed traveling and immersing herself in European culture.

Dr. Roeber moved back stateside after she was accepted into the United States Army Endodontic Residency program at Fort Bragg, NC.  During this time, she earned a certificate in endodontics and a master’s degree in Oral Biology.  Upon graduation, she received orders to Ft. Bliss, TX, where she was a key leader in the second largest dental clinic in the Army and assisted in teaching at the 1-year AEGD residency.  After 3 years in Texas, Dr. Roeber made the decision to transition out of the military to be with her husband, who also serves in the military, in San Diego.

Dr. Roeber is thrilled to have found such an extraordinary mentor and partner in Dr. Gary B. Carr.  She is committed to providing patient-centered care, consistent with the philosophies and values Dr. Carr has upheld throughout his distinguished career.

In her free time, Dr. Roeber enjoys spending time with her husband, being outdoors as much as possible, and going back to the family ranch in Colorado.

Joy Haskins

Meet Joy Haskins

Joy and Dr. Carr have worked together as a team for over 35 years. Starting as one of his first dental assistants in his endodontic practice, Joy was instrumental in helping Dr. Carr create the quality endodontic practice that has become a model for endodontic excellence for many endodontists. 
Together, Joy and Dr. Carr developed and introduced the operating microscope into the specialty of endodontics. Together they have trained over 1000 dentists and their assistants at Dr. Carr's Pacific Endodontic Research Foundation (PERF), a non-profit, charitable foundation. Joy is universally known and recognized as one of the most accomplished endodontic assistants in the world and she has trained assistants in 15 foreign countries. To read more about the history of PERF, click HERE.
Joy earned her BA as an administrative assistant from Columban College in the Republic of the Philippines. She lives in Chula Vista, California with her husband, a retired Navy veteran who served 20 years as a medic in the nuclear submarine force.

She has two children. Her daughter is a dentist and is specializing now in Pedodontics at U of Minnesota. Her son is an aviation electronic technician, currently deployed aboard the USS Dwight Eisenhower.

In her spare time, she participates in charitable activities at her church and also helps with endodontic research at Dr. Carr's research lab in San Diego. She is an avid bowler and dancer.


Meet Natalie Kuligowski

Natalie was born and raised in Buffalo, New York, but relocated to Naperville, Illinois where she spent a majority of her time growing up. Natalie attended the University of Missouri for school, earning her Bachelors degree in Child Development and Education. Her love for children led her to Thailand, where she taught English for grades K-8th. Following her graduation, she moved back to Chicago to continue her passion for teaching.

Recently, Natalie made the decision to move to San Diego and pursue her interest in the Dental Field.  She joined the Elite Endodontics team in October of 2021 and has had a great impact. 

In her free time Natalie enjoys traveling, exercising, going to the beach and spending time with family and friends.