Our View On Testimonials

To communicate what our practice represents, we have posted a few of the many unsolicited comments from other endodontic specialists who have had contact with us as either patients or in a professional learning environment. Because we have been mentors to many within the endodontic specialty, these comments are genuine and we believe represent an honest reflection of our values and what our practice represents--- by people who are actually able to make informed judgments about these matters. 

Testimonials From Other Endodontists

Dr. Ken Pearson

Little Rock, AR

I am fairly certain that nothing that I can put into writing will be able to convey the high regard that I feel for you.  My evolution in this specialty is directly connected to you, TDO, and PERF.

Your inquisitive mind, high ethical and moral standards have served to place you with people like I.B. Bender.  If a person is lucky, there are a handful of individuals that one meets during their lifetime that are just so impressive that you can only be thankful that you were in the right place at the right time.  You are certainly in that handful and I am a better practitioner today because of that meeting.  Your influence will be felt for many years to come.  My personal journey in endodontics over the next 15 years, God willing, will forever be shaped by the things that you have exposed to me.  A special thanks must be given to Mrs. Carr as she is someone so special to allow you to pursue your vision and passion.  There is a special place in heaven reserved for people like her.  Don’t think there is much I can add so I will just say thank you.


Dr. Kenneth Pearson

Dr. Rajiv Patel

Flower Mound, TX

I was wondering how I would start writing this message, and a I did I realized there is so much to your persona and “Carr-acteristics” that it could fill pages.  So here is my shorter version.

My fortunes first began when I had an opportunity to visit you at your office in 2005.  Your zeal for education was very stirring.  Ever since, I continue to personally feel encouraged and motivated by your motto “being the best you can be,” a continued quest for excellence.  You are my superhero and so many other individuals but at the same time you have shown us your modest human nature by demonstrating your evolution out of dogma and challenging your and our thought processes.  Dr. Carr, you have provided me with the tools to navigate through my personal and professional journey.  I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your inspiration, generosity, kindness and the wonderful opportunities you have presented to me and continue to do over the years.  You are the best!

Endodontic Excellence

Nishan Odabashian

Glendale, CA

I have known you personally for over ten years, and I want to share some thoughts I have about this acquaintance.  Forgive me if this sounds corny, but I only know how to be honest.

I met you as an endo resident from Loma Linda at PERF in 1999, where you graciously hosted the first- and second-year residents.  You shared your knowledge about endodontic surgery, working under the microscope and at the end, you spoke briefly about a software program you were working on called TDO. 

Purchasing TDO software has been the best decision I have made in my professional life after becoming an endodontist.  The second decision is so far behind that I cannot pinpoint what it is.  You have been such a gift to this specialty and so many endodontists, mostly young and some smart seasoned ones that without you I am absolutely sure there would not be anyone who had the sense of direction to this specialty that we so love.

Throughout the years you have served as a mentor, colleague, friend, teacher, and as an example to me and countless others.  You have acted with integrity, honesty, generosity, sometimes even humbly in your research, endodontic practice, lectures, and overall dealings with everyone who has come to you for guidance. I know that I am what I am in the field of endodontics because of your influence on me.  Although sometimes we have debated on the opposite sides of an issue, I know I have mostly come away a better clinician and a better person because of my dealings with you and what you have created—TDO.  I am forever indebted to you.

I wish only the best for you and Jan always.


Glendale Micro Endodontics

Dr. Carlos Murgel

Campinas, Brazil

It would be impossible to put in words the positive influence that you have had in my personal and professional life.  It has been a privilege to have you as a mentor and as a friend.  I can undoubtedly say that I am a better professional and especially a human being due to your guidance and influence.

You are an extraordinary and rare man that pushes our world forward in quantum leaps by questioning and shifting our paradigms, creating value in our profession and strengthening our ethical and moral values.  Your Hellenistic perspective of the world is a pearl in such harsh and commercialist times.  You and your beloved Jan are an example to all of us because you set the bar really high to build a better world not by preaching, but by leaving and doing what you believe is the best to others.  Gary, thank you so much for all your guidance, support, and above all your love.

Carlos Murgel CD, Dr.

Sashi Nallapati

Kingston, Jamaica

It is my good fortune or some good deed from my past life that I got the chance to meet you in 2001 at the Roots meeting.  It was not a coincidence that I happened to sit next to you at the downtown restaurant….it was meant to be. 

Your continued mentoring from that fateful meeting in Toronto until today has transformed by life in more than one way.  From a basic general practice in Ocho Rios, Jamaica, to the premium endodontic practice in Kingston, you helped and guided me at every stage of the journey.

Because of you, I pursued residency and it changed my life.  Your generosity with TDO ensured that I documented my cases from an early stage of my endodontic career.  That has helped me tremendously to grow as a clinician and a speaker.  I still remember your advice in 2002, when I was just about to give my very first talk “get rid of the transitions, you don’t need them.”  After then eleven years later, I still follow that advice. 

I have been very fortunate to be exposed to your teachings, your philosophy, and your mentoring.  I believe you have been my guardian angel ever since we met.  You molding my career, gave me the opportunity to interact with the best of the best in our profession and helped me surround myself with very accomplished people. 

You have also tolerated my indiscretions, been very patient with me when I differed with your opinion, and you allowed me to grow to think independently.  Your unwavering faith in me has given me the self-confidence I have developed over the years.  Jan and you have treated me like your son and showered me with your love and friendship.  It must be my good karma that we met.

You have had many accomplishments over the years, being the true genius that you are, but the biggest accomplishment that one can aim for is to help, inspire, and guide fellow human beings unselfishly and make a difference in their lives.  And you, dear Gary, have done that many times for many of us.

I am proud to say you are my Friend, Philosopher and Guide.  My life has turned to the better because of you.  May the Lord bless you with good health, peace and happiness. 

Caribbean Institute of Endodontics

Dr. Mike Cotter

Greenwich, CT

Your vision and passion for excellence and your selflessness to share these qualities with colleagues speak volumes of your character.  God only knows where I and my practice would be without TDO and the many gifted clinicians who participate that make it the best continuing education resource available in endodontics.

Your mentorship is one of my greatest gifts.  Prior to TDO I was scopeless and almost hopeless.  Today because of you and TDO I am a confident diagnostician and clinician and look to improve on my abilities each and every day.

Many thanks again for making the trip last October to speak to my group as I remember that being a very busy time in your life.  I still receive compliments regarding the quality of your lecture. 

My family and I are forever grateful to you.

Greenwich Endodontics | Endodontics of Westchester Shore

Dr. Steve Merchant

San Diego, CA

There are few people that I have known that have had such a large impact on the direction of my life that you have.  My path in dentistry could have been misdirected by many pitfalls and I am grateful to have known you so early on so that I could strive to be the dentist that I am and have averted many of the frequently encountered errors.  After all, I didn’t even know what was possible.

You showed me a way that I, or any others I had met to that point, hadn’t conceived of.  Like many others, I first me you by visiting your office.  You listened to the things I had planned and gave me the best advice you could based on your experience.  That advice turned out to close doors on the spot to many dreams I had envisioned. But it opened a new realm of possibilities that I didn’t know were feasible.  You took the time to come and see me in my new practice.  Although starting a practice was stressful and taxing, I can see in hindsight how much better my life is and how much more I enjoy practicing dentistry now as a result of the vision you helped me establish for myself. 

You have taught me to expect due credit for my efforts but also to respect others for theirs.  This has rewarded me with deeper professional relationships that have been built on mutual respect between like-minded colleagues.  More importantly, I have been more accountable to myself and that has made me a better person.   I have found many areas of life to identify as “death of a thousand slices” and have tried to work them out.

Thank you for your generosity in sharing your time and philosophy with me over the years.  It has truly been an honor to learn from you and body of colleagues you have brought together.

Merchant Endodontics

David Figdor

Melbourne, Australia

Only a few individuals have the personal and intellectual skills to drive processes in their field during a lifetime of work.  Your energy, passion, and willingness to challenge conventional thinking have brought many new and innovative ways of working and thinking in our field.  Yet it take more than ideas to alter old ways. Your boldness and dogged determination have allowed these ideas to break through, challenging the thinking and clinical practice of your fellow endodontists.

Gary, thank you for your courage, conviction and curiosity.  The entire specialty of endodontics and your colleagues worldwide have collectively benefited from your contribution.


Prime Endodontics

Mitchell H. Davich, DMD, PA

Morristown, NJ

Gary, there are some who have called you disruptive. I would agree.  There are some who have called your ideas controversial and challenging.  I would agree.  A cage rattler.  A thorn in the side.  Disquieting.  Antithetical.  Uncomfortable.  Stubborn.  Conversations with you are unsettling; they make people uneasy.  You threaten the status quo.  And you upset the apple cart.

Don’t stop.

Don’t stop innovating.

Don’t stop seeking the truth at all costs.

Never lose you devotion.  Never lose your emotion.

Share it and encourage those around you to transcend their comfort zones.

You are gifted with the passion, creativity, and power to drive, build, and pursue progress and change. Don’t ever stop. Dream.  Disrupt.  Innovate. Live long and prosper.


Dr. Mitchell Davich

Mark Dreyer

Kissimmee, Fl

Simply put, Gary you provided me with an educational roadmap to increase professional competence and a philosophical framework for treating patients as a doctor would as contrasted with how a businessman would.

As a result of having met you and allowing me, a general dentist, to associate with your elite group of world-class endodontists, my life has been enriched to an immeasurable degree, and for that, I will be forever grateful.  You are a true modern-day Renaissance man.


Mark Dreyer

Andrew L. Shur, D.M.D.

Portland, ME

Gary, you are a dentist, endodontist, diplomate, inventor, innovator, founder, scientist, thinker, life-long student, veteran, scholar, philosopher, historian, musician, designer, author, lecturer, debater, husband, father, chief executive officer, mentor, friend, comedian (Sarcasmo), and a true class act.


Andrew L. Shur, DMD

Kevin H. Izu, DDS

Fort Bend, TX

Dear Gary,

Thank you so much for all the work that you have done for our specialty.  The most impressive aspect of you work in my opinion is the way you are able to touch individuals lives.  I personally have experience a much higher quality of life personally and professionally. By following you counsel and attempting to attain the visions that motivate you daily.  My health is better than it would have been otherwise, my practice flourishes, I feel great satisfaction in my work that I do, and I can see many problems I have avoided by allowing myself to learn from you and others you have surrounded yourself with.  There is no way that I can repay you for all you have done for me personally, however; I can put forth my efforts into trying to help others find the same happiness and success that I have found and pass on what little knowledge I have to others.  Please thank Jan for all the tireless efforts as well.  Life would mean little without the love of friends and family and a spouse that can walk with us through the trials of life is worth more than all the treasure in the world.  Hopefully, you realize the extent of our appreciation for you through our words, our love and small gift to you, I hope these things will give you the strength to see past the criticisms of the past and the future and continue to motivate and inspire countless others as only you can do.

Thanks again for everything.


Kevin Izu

Dr. Fred Tsutsui

Torrance, CA

Dear Gary,

There will never be enough words of appreciation that can be expressed for all the contributions to the endodontics that you have allowed us to utilize daily for yourselves and our patients.  Personally, you have elevated my knowledge and skills in endodontics to heights that I would never have dreamed that I could achieve, before I had met you 20 years ago.

From my first encounter with you in March 1993, learning to use the microscope at the time and at two other multiday courses (nonsurgical, surgical and documentation), though all the early PERF years of helping you teach the use of the microscope (and actually learning more myself), and then onto TDO as a beta tester and user, it had been a continuous learning and self-improvement experience for me.

An equally great benefit for me is to have met all the old PERF staff and faculty and TDO members that you assimilated together and enjoying the camaraderie with everyone. 

It has been a wonderful ride with you, and I hope to continue with you into the “sunset”.  Peggy and I feel very fortunate to have you and Jan as our “friends”.

Sincerest thanks to you.


Fred T.

Dr. Stephen M. Lyon

Billings, MT

Dear Gary,

Over the last 15 years, you have taken the time to get to know many people and to have had a profound effect in their lives.  This was only in addition to the many people’s lives that you have already touched along your life’s path.

I have considered myself a lucky to be counted among those who have tried to pattern my sense of fair practice and work ethics after you and your example, in my attempt to serve others.

I will always look back at some of the times we have studied together as some of the best of my career. From the band of “8” at the first TDO meeting back in October of 1997, to the PERF microscope meeting course of 1996, the Japanese doctors meeting, ride in the car to fix Peter C’s program years ago after the la Costa meeting. (Not the La Costa meeting itself… too many requests for changes.), and every other TDO, AAE, and IAE meeting I have attended over the years.

My hope for you is that you will be able to do, ‘exactly’ what you want to do, from now until you wish to make a change and decide to do something else….. At 110%.  Remember a change is good as a break….

As always…

Respectfully yours,


Stephen M Lyon

P.S. With Jan at your side, you will always be headed in the right direction.

Dr. Gary Z Harris

Sherman, TX


There are a few men who I consider a major influence in my life but you are one of those men.  I’m proud and grateful to have had you as a mentor.  You are always way ahead of the curve.

Many year ago another friend/mentor David Dickey, encouraged me to take a course at PERF, which I ignited a major change in my approach to endodontics.  David kept telling me to work with TDO and use a microscope.  Once I was able to practice solo again, I was able to apply those transformations. I learned much from you and you colleagues on TDO clinical and chat.  You often made me look the fool.  Sometimes I did not realize it for weeks later, you made me think and question many of my priors.

In the past decade, you have influenced my growth tenfold as a person and as an Endodontist.  I am forever indebted to you for serving as a wise and trusted teacher.


Gary Z Harris DDS

Dr. Edward L. Kasper

Western Springs, IL


About 10 years ago I begun hearing about this guy, Gary Carr, on the Roots message board. Your name came up over and over.  I had been working as an associate for a couple years and was trying to figure out my future.  I was considering buying in, but wasn’t sure yet.  It sounded like you had a different way of looking at things, and I decided that I was going to go to the AAE and see you lecture as well as stop by your office to observe for a day.

After a week in California and hearing what you and TDO were all about, I decided that I would open my own practice and follow the blueprints that you had laid out.

This was a decision that goes right up there with deciding to marry my wife on this life. Changing scale.  You and the rest of the TDOers helped to design my office from scratch, and important help me establish me a vision for my practice.  Within weeks of opening my office, you were in Chicago for a lecture. You actually called me, a guy you had met once before, and to see if you could push your flight back on Sunday so you would be able to stop by my office with Joy.  You wanted to teach my assistants and me how to properly work as a team.  To this day, I still use what I learned from that Sunday on every patient I see.

Actually, when I look around my office, pretty much everything that happens there, be it how I talk to patients, how we work on patients, how our operatory designed, to you.   You are the one who came up with the office software that makes my life easier.  You are the one who showed me the difference that adding a CBCT to your office can make

You are the one who put together the group that supplies the vast amount of knowledge that we can gain from TDO chat and Clinical.  Even more importantly, you put me in contact with a bunch of lifelong friends and mentors who I never would have come across without TDO.  You have forever changed how I work on a daily basis and have helped me to create a successful practice that I never imagined, and for that I will be grateful.


Edward L Kasper, MS

Dr Mary M. Chien

Hacienda Heights, CA

Dear Dr. Carr,

No words can ever express how great gully appreciated I am for what you’ve done.  Your selfless passion towards our profession has changed the lives of so many people, and I am so fortunate to be one of them.

The first thing I learned about you was during my residency at USC in 2005 when we went to Dr. Endo’s office.  That was my very first exposing to TDO, and oh boy was I excited or what.  I signed up that very first day for TDO.  It was not easy to come up with $1500 back then as a poor resident, but that was the best $1500 I ever spent, and the rest is history.

When I decided to become an endodontist, I was working as a general dentist for almost 10 years.  Since there is no endodontist in South Africa, we were all trained to perform endodontics pretty sufficiently.  No retreatment through.  The old school hand instrumentation was all we would do in those days, and I thought of myself pretty good at it too.  So I thought I would attend graduate school for 2 years, learn a couple of cool ‘rotary’ techniques. Get my diploma, and that’s about it.  Was I wrong or what!  Not only did TDO open my eyes to the new horizon I never knew existed, it also made me strive to immolate the excellence work that’s shared by so many on the forum all the time.

I am so glad Rick, Carlos, and Sashi came up with this brilliant idea about the book and Wenner painting.  I hope Kurt won’t ask you to sit still for too long, painting live is different than painting an Italian marble statue.  Play some Celine Dion and I and sure you will be fine, just hope Kurt is ok with it.  Hope you enjoy it, and can’t wait to see the masterpiece.


Mary Chien

Dr. Rick Schwartz

San Antonio, TX


We get a few opportunities to work with and be mentored by someone who completely changes the course of our careers in a positive way.  It was clear to me that you were ones of those people the first time we met.  Your influence had been positive and profound.  Like everyone on TDO, I have benefitted greatly from the things you have created.

In return, I have tried to contribute to some of the things that were important to you.  Some were successful and some were not so successful, but the journey is often just as important as the destination and outcome.

In addition to your impact on my professional life, my personal has been greatly enriched by the many friendships and travel opportunities that have resulted from my association with you.

You are one of the brightest, most creative and most driven people I have known.  There are very few people in the world who have vision and also the ability and discipline to turn their vision into something real and lasting.  Your impact on endodontics is probably greater than anyone in the world over the past 20 years.  I am glad to have participated and contributed a small part



Dr. Anthony L. Horalek

Raleigh, NC

Dear Gary,

I still remember the first time I met you. I was at an AAE meeting. Jennifer Tedder told me I had to go to software meeting to meet Dr. Gary Carr, because she was building her new office and Gary was going to advise her on her office plans. I had read about you, so it was an interesting first meeting. You may not realize this, but I was able to “read” your non-verbal communications at the time of the meeting. Your non-verbal’s basically said this: “Buy this damned software, do it soon, or this project is going down the financial toilet,” I could see the tension between you and the lead software developers,
Kevin, as he answered questions for the audience. I studied you and your previous accomplishments. I genuinely concerned that TDO would fail financially, or that you might have myocardial infarction first, but I thought that if anyone could put this together, it is was you. I was right about you. Thanks for teaching me so much Gary. I have a successful fee-for-service
practice, and it’s self-sustain at the present time. I attribute most of my success in clinical practice to being associated with you and the others I have met on the TDO-chat forum.

Dr. Anthony L. Horalek

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